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Elizabeth is a writer and campaigner for greater awareness of the serious consequences of low self-esteem. Elizabeth’s self-esteem advocacy evolved after she wrote a series of stories for girls about a character that lacked confidence in her appearance and had low self-esteem. The first of these stories is currently being adapted for the screen.

Elizabeth is an ambassador for the government-backed Be Real Campaign which promotes Body Confidence as a priority public health issue. She regularly speaks on the subject of self-esteem and contributes to seminars and workshops with young people’s organisations like Girl Guiding UK. In particular, Elizabeth believes that the widespread integration of self-esteem and body confidence training into the school curriculum would be a major step towards tackling this pressing issue.
Elizabeth also runs writing and creativity workshops for teens (mainly girls) in the teen psychiatric ward of a local hospital, working with patients who have eating disorders, using the written word and creativity to help them express themselves and build confidence.

Elizabeth regularly blogs on the issues of self-esteem and body image for outlets like the Huffington Post and Mumsnet. Elizabeth suffered from very poor confidence in her teens and twenties which contributed to disordered eating and compulsive over-exercising, as well as making a series of life choices that made her very unhappy. Elizabeth ultimately experienced a turning point in her mid-30’s, losing both her high powered marketing job and getting divorced whilst coping with her father’s terminal illness. In the wake of this, she moved to Paris, met her now husband and discovered her true passion in writing. She hopes that sharing her story will help others suffering with the same issues.

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The dilemma of the school reunion invitation

23 March 2016

I still can’t walk past a group of teen girls without shuddering. The giggling, the whispering bring back years of teasing and bullying at school. I’m over forty and they are fourteen but I still break into a sweat and keep my head down, as if I’m back in the playground.  So when I receive the […]

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Confidence on the Curriculum

19 March 2016

The Government’s New Education White Paper: Educational Excellence Everywhere was published on Thursday. It made the headlines for its plan to make all school academies, and for the additional hour being added to some school days. But there was a real nugget of hope for self-esteem campaigner like me. Formal education has traditionally failed to […]

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Is social media creating Generation Insecure?‏  

11 January 2016

When I was a teen I suffered from crippling low confidence – I was bullied, hated my appearance, but after school I could shut the door on the horrid world outside and hide in the safe confines of my family.  Now nowhere is safe. The challenges of the playground have entered children’s bedrooms via social […]

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Will your choice of Christmas present affect your child’s confidence?

24 November 2015

In years gone by, children would have been lucky to get a wooden horse and an orange in their stocking. Then over time the Christmas marketing machine snowballed into the gifting mania that exists today. Even when I was a child, thirty years ago, there was still greater simplicity in toys – baby dolls were […]

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Self-Esteem – The Next Frontier for Women’s Equality

15 October 2015

I was privileged to attend London’s first Women in the World summit this week. Some, many in fact, may question why women would need their own event in this day and age. Speaker after speaker at the Summit demonstrated why there is every need: the scale of sex trafficking of women, basic rights like education […]

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